Private counseling

Individualized consultations
There is no doubt that directing your photography business is a challenge, but moving in the right direction can shorten your path. Receive specific answers to the questions you have and build the business of your dreams!

Master Lighting

Lighting for photography
Light is the key element for any photograph. This class will teach you to see the light in a completely new way. By understanding the science behind lighting, you will learn to mold and create more dynamic photographs.

Master Retouch

Digital retouching for portraits
Creating a beautiful photo requires the right tools and techniques, in this class Edil shares his retouching secrets to help you express your creative vision!

Master Photoshop

Photoshop for photographers
Adobe Photoshop CC is a valuable tool for photographers, but it can also be intimidating. In this personalized tutoring, you will go from opening the program for the first time to creating images that really stand out!