Tips for your fashion film to stand out!

Tips for your fashion film to stand out!

For the 5th consecutive year I had the opportunity to make the opening video for @camilacasual at @dominicanamoda 2018. I’m glad to be part of this tremendous team and see how we get better and better to create something amazing!

Camila Casual - Primavera Verano 2019

And since we are on that wave I think it’s an excellent opportunity to talk about videos… with a focus in fashion films. We have a great advantage as photographers because a video it’s something that goes hand in hand with photography, even more than you can imagine!

L.A.dy Dior ‘The Film

A little bit about the fashion movies …

Fashion movies or fashion films are the fantasy of any filmmaker … they are volatile, stylized and often experimental. Unlike advertisements, which should be direct in their messages and largely appeal to the multitudes, fashion movies point to a smoother sale and usually address a more specific audience.

Whether through the position of goods in narrative form, personal profiles of documentary style or simply through a video look books, brands have taken annotations, by means of this stage as a way to forge greater relations with their spectators.

If you want your fashion movie to stand out, the experimental path is the one you must follow. However, the biggest challenge in creating an experimental film is to create an attractive film that does not isolate the audience.

CHANEL Fashion Film 2018 | Cruise Collection | Directed by VIVIENNE & TAMAS
CHANEL – Cruise collection

You do not want someone to feel so baffled by your unusual narrative that they do not look at the outfits! It’s a small line … but when made properly, an experimental fashion movie can be very successful.

The history and style of your fashion video will depend on your audience, product and customer, but the goal is the same … inspire people to buy the product. Obviously, this looks very different from the simple creation of a commercial.

In fact, most fashion movies do not mention products at all. In contrast, good fashion movies often highlight products in a subtle way. As a director, the first question you should ask your client is: What story do you want to tell? … From there everything will develop.

ZARA 16 S/S Campaign Fashion Film
ZARA 16 S/S Campaign

The importance of the musical track

Behind every great fashion movie there is a great musical track. Music has the power to radically change the way the public perceives your film … and later the clothes.

When choosing the correct track, you want to focus more on how the track will complement the clothes. All this depends on the type of clothes you are going to sell. For example, if you are creating an ultra-stylish modern fashion movie, you may want to choose an avant-garde electronic track. While if you are creating a lifestyle video for a sweater brand, you may want to choose something a little more popular.

Color resources

If you want to take your material to the next level, then color should be a fundamental part of your post-production workflow. This is especially true if you are creating a fashion movie. The color, or more specifically the color palettes, can make the clothes stand out.

LOUIS VUITTON Fashion Film 2018 | Fall-Winter 2018 | Directed by VIVIENNE & TAMAS
LOUIS VUITTON Fall-Winter 2018

One color resource that I like to use is On their site you can block certain color values and see what colors go well with them. When fashion designers design clothes, they use color palettes … why should I abandon the color palettes when you edit your video? Spend a little more time planning the color of your material and you will be surprised by the result!

Photographic equipment

When making a fashion movie, the tone is king. Before selecting the camera, you need to find out the general tone of the scene. In my case I knew that I wanted to experiment mixing slow and fast motion using a technique called Time Remapping, so I needed a camera that recorded at least 60fps, for that I used a Canon 7D Mark II which produces beautiful video.

While the camera is certainly important, do not forget the lens. If you want to get really close shots, maybe a macro lens would be the best, particularly I love shots like this but in this case it was very important to be able to transmit on video what Alejandro Brito was photographing and his shots were quite wide, so I decided to go with a 24-70mm lens and thus maintain the same aesthetic through all the promotional material of the campaign.

Working with models or talents

The capability to guide models is fundamental to any project. If you have assisted a photographer or a cinematographer, you have seen the many ways in which they talk with their models. Most models require some direction on what you anticipate from them and what your assignment is about.

"La Beauté", the new fashion film by Oysho
La Beauté – Oysho

Something that has been crucial for me is adapting my behavior to the personality of the model.

As there are many kinds of photographers, there are many kinds of models. Always remember that we are all only humans.

Take some time to speak with your models before the shoot: make questions about who they are, feel their mood and most notably, show them what you want to do and why they were selected. A few compliments are always great for a good start. Make them feel unique!

Some last words …

It is no secret that the Internet has changed the way brands are marketed. While many continue to advertise in print, and occasionally on television, many now also devote part of their budgets to creating content to share online. Narrative short videos have been one of the most popular formats.

We already saw that making videos is not so different from a photograph, with the knowledge you have you can start experimenting and who knows … maybe later share your love for photography with video in the same way!

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