Beautiful lighting is a key element in creating a memorable image. In studio or outdoors, artificial lighting and the ability to create light when it can not be there, is one of the most important tools available to us as photographers.

Participants have the opportunity to work with models and a wide range of equipment that will help them feel comfortable with different lighting tools and the subjects to be photographed.

  • Fecha por anunciar, 2022 | Santo Domingo, RD
  • Sat & Sun, 9 am - 1 pm (8h / 2 days)
  • Digital program brochure
  • Participation certificate
  • Includes snack
  • Requirements: DSLR camera & lenses
  • 8 espacios disponibles
  • Investment: US 85 / P

Do you have any questions
photography, lighting, branding, retouching, etc?

Alcanza tus objetivos con la ayuda de un experto en fotografía durante una sesión de asesoría personalizada!