Your stories are valuable.

That's why I transform them into powerful images that communicate, inspire and sell products or services to your customers.

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Please contact me for personalized photography or video quotes. Also ask about monthly and quarterly content options.

I service the Niagara, Hamilton and Greater Toronto Area.

Beer tasting, nachos, outside lunch at Newark-Brewing Company

Food and beverages

First impressions count.

Captivating images that make your mouth water. From menus to social media, these compelling visuals entice, create cravings, and increase sales.

This content is valuable to restaurants, cafes, and other culinary services, and can be used in applications such as culinary publications, cookbooks, and blogs.

Personal Branding

Impactful images for entrepreneurs.

Ideal for marketing, social media and PR. In this session I help you show your lifestyle, skills, tools and workspace while we tell your story.

A few sweet words...